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Solar Powered Ultrasonic Pest Control Device Set of 2

Product #:  SS25 - GSL
Chase away those stubborn garden pest, moles, gophers and voles. Get rid of the the railroad tracks that are running through your yard.  This set of 2 environmentally friendly solar powered pest control sound device emits a powerful ultrasonic wave through your lawn to eliminate ground hogs and other varmints. No poison, no chemicals, will not harm the family pets or your farm animals. Effective coverage about 7000 square feet. Emits sounds underground every 30-50 seconds. No wires to plug it. It's solar powered panel makes it ideal for do-it-yourself homeowners. For best results, it is recommended to use 2 units approximately 60 ft. apart in the highest risk area.

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· Frequency: 400HZ - 1000HZ

· Rated voltage: 1-2V

· Works day and night

· Emits sonic tone every 30 - 50 seconds


· Safe with pets and children around

· No Poison, no chemical, environmentally friendly

· No Wiring

· Powered by the sun

· Fast & easy to install

· Energy, electrical saving

· Recharged by solar panel under sunlight

· Safe Water Resistant

· Corrosion resistant

· CE certified

Price:  $37.25 - $100.57

   Solar Powered Ultrasonic Pest Control Device Set of 2
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$37.25 - $100.57

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