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Solar Light Mountain Rock Spotlight 3LED

Product #:  PSROCKG017 - SW
Brand:  Pacific Solarâ„¢

The Mountain Rock Solar Light is a low maintenance solar light spotlight by Pacific Solar. With the looks of a rock, this solar light will add a pleasant glow to any landscape without the hassle of any wiring. Just turn it on and set it in the sun to charge and watch it turn on at night.

This solar spotlight contains 3 ultra bright LEDs and a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, also know as the lifep04 battery. It is a exceptional battery in the sense that it nearly triples the light output of the light with its high voltage of 3.2V (compared to normal solar lights that normal only contain a 1.2V Ni-Cd battery with lesser amount of non ultra bright LEDs which most of the time produces less light output).  With the latest technology, it's not only supremely bright, they also have a enhanced crystalline solar panel that will provide a longer run time through the night (up to 12 hours if fully charged).  

During the day, this solar light rock spotlight's crystalline solar panel will charge its internal battery by converting sunlight into "electricity", then during the night will provide a admirable luminous glow that will add charm to any patio, deck, flowerbeds or driveway. 

The Pacific Solar spotlights are of exceptional quality and are one of the best you will find on the market.

Please Note: While these are of excellent quality, these solar lights are not meant to light up a whole garden.

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Solar Light Mountain Rock Spotlight 3LED

  • 3 Ultra Brights LEDs
  •  Enhanced Crystalline Solar Panel: 4.5V 50MA
  •  Working Voltage: 3.2 V 600Mah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  •  Material: Poly Resin
  •  Dimensions Approx: 6" L x 6" W x 5" H
  • On/Off switch - push on type and must be turned on for unit to work 
  • Photocell sensor turns on and off automatically
Price:  $34.98 - $90.95

   Solar Light Mountain Rock Spotlight 3LED
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$34.98 - $90.95

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