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Good Care Tips for Your Outdoor Solar Lights and Solar Garden Lights

04/02/2011 By: Solar Lights Plus - Owner

Have you purchased or are thinking of purchasing outdoor solar lights or solar garden lights? Need to know how to care for them? Here are some helpful tips to increase the life span of your solar lights purchase.

Where to place your solar outdoor garden lights?

The biggest common problem found with solar outdoor and garden lights is that they do not receive enough sunlight during the day to power them through the night (8-10hrs).   Solar lights have a rechargeable battery that is charged through the solar panel during the day to be used at night to light the LED lights. If your solar lights are not getting enough direct sunlight during the day to fully recharge the batteries it will reduce the lifespan of the batteries and the lights will not stay lit for the full amount of time they should. Not having enough sunlight to fully recharge the battery during the day result in replacing the battery or batteries more often than should be needed. With the right amount of sunlight during the day (at least 8 hrs) your solar light batteries should last up to 2 years. For instructions on how to replace the batteries in your outdoor solar lights and solar garden lights click here.

So before setting your solar outdoor garden lights out, consider how much sunlight they will get in the places that you want and need lighting. Take a couple of days to observe and evaluate your yard or garden. Pay close attention to where the areas are that get the most direct sunlight during the day. These will be the areas that you will want to place your lights. This way you can make sure that they get enough light during the day to recharge the batteries correctly. This will help increase the longevity of your outdoor solar lights.

Do outdoor solar lights and garden solar lights need cleaning?

Since outdoor solar garden lights are intended and placed outdoors they will tend to get dirty. Dirt, dust, mud and possibly snow if you live in those types of areas. These types of elements covering the solar panel can reduce the amount of light needed to fully recharge the batteries.  For the dirt, dust and mud a clean, damp, soft cloth is all you should need to clean the solar panel on our solar lights. The use of commercial cleaners is not recommended as the chemicals could damage the solar panel of the unit. 

If you live in areas where it snows and choose to leave your outdoor solar garden lights out during those times, make sure that you dust off the snow everyday and before the snow freezes on the top of the solar panel. Snow will also obstruct the batteries from getting a full charge. If you do get freezing snow stuck on the solar panel your best choice of removing the snow is to bring them inside somewhere warm and allow the snow the naturally melt off. This way there is less of a change of harming the solar panel or the light fixture in anyway.

If you have your solar lights in and around areas in your yard or garden that needs to be watered, whether by hand or sprinkler systems, more than likely they will be getting sprayed also. This is okay since they are designed to be water and corrosion resistant. Depending on the type of water that you have (soft or hard) you may notice that they may start getting a water scale build-up.  If this happens the clean, damp, soft cloth will do the job of removing it.

Another thing you may want to do every now and again to your solar outdoor lights is to clean off the light cover or light housing that the LED light shines through. They will build up dust and grime that will hinder the amount of light that shine through.

When cleaning your solar lights, remember not to immerse them completely into a bucket or tub of water. Although they are water resistant, they are not water proof. Completely immersing them in water may cause them to seep water into the unit thus damaging the solar power cell and battery.

Should your solar outdoor and garden lights be brought inside during winter months?

If you live in an area where you have a distinct winter season and receives snow or freezing temperatures, you may want to consider bring your solar lights and garden solar lights inside for that time period. Although most solar outdoor lights, especially the stainless steel solar lights, can withstand some snow and freezing temperatures but will be a strain on the rechargeable batteries. The freezing temperatures and the reduced daylight hours during the winter months can reduce the amount of charge to the batteries and lowering their lifespan.

As for your solar garden decorations such as your fairies, gnomes and dogs that are solar lights, we have seen with prolonged snow coverage or very thick ice coverage, these items may fade in color or have seen them become warped or even cracked after long periods of heavy ice and snow have sat on them.

Solar lights in major snow areas tend to get covered deeply in the snow therefore become hard to see. This can make snow removal somewhat difficult without damaging your solar lights or snow removal equipment.

These are just some things to consider when deciding whether or not to bring in your outdoor solar lights and/or solar garden lights.   If you choose to bring them in for the winter, turn off the power switch and cleaning them at that time is a good idea.  Taking out the batteries when storing your solar lights will help the rechargeable batteries have a longer life span.

After storing your outdoor solar lights for the winter, make sure that you allow for a full days sun charge on the battery before expecting them to be at normal working condition.

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