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Solar Lights Plus More donating solar lights to:  

Guiding Eyes for the Blind - Southern Tier Region in Hornell, New York for their annual 2011 Christmas Raffle Fundraiser. 

You can help too! 

Solar Lights Plus received the email below from Karlie, a puppy raiser of the “Guiding Eyes for the Blind” for their Southern Tier Region in Hornell New York. She ran into our website when searching the web trying to find “cool” and unique items for their annual Christmas Raffle fundraiser. This email inspired us to learn more about this wonderful organization that breeds, raises and trains guiding eyes dogs for blind and visually impaired men and women.

“Dear Solar Lights Plus More,



My name is Karlie, I am 14 years old.  I am a puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind in the Southern Tier Region. I now have my third Guiding Eye puppy, her name is Kenzie, a Golden Retriever.  


As a puppy raiser we get the puppy at 8 weeks old and keep them until they are about 14-18months.  Some of requirements as a puppy raiser is to teach the puppy good house manners, train them to walk on a loose leash, socialize the puppy, and give them love at the very least!  


I am writing you in regards to our Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Southern Tier Region annual Christmas raffle.     We are trying to raise money for our region’s pups.  Would you consider giving a donation? Any donation would be greatly appreciated, you have cool lights.



Thank you very much,




Guiding Eyes for the Blind -  Southern Tier Region holds an annual Christmas raffle each year to help raise money to support the Guiding Eyes puppies that are being raised in that region. These dogs are being raised and prepared to return to the Guiding Eyes’ training staff to take the next steps along the path to becoming a guide dog.

Karlie is one of many people helping to put together this fundraiser for their regions Guiding Eyes pups. After personally talking with Karlie over the phone, Solar Lights Plus More is preparing a package with a few of our solar light products to be sent for Karlie to use in their gift baskets to be raffled off on Dec. 7, 2011. 

The gift baskets are made up of all types of cool products and trinkets that are donated from various sources.  Then raffle tickets are sold to raffle off the gift baskets. The money is then used to help raise and support the Guiding Eyes puppies that are in training to possibly become a guiding eyes dog for blind and visually impaired men and women.

You too can help Karlie and Guiding Eyes Southern Tier Region with solar lights products for their gift baskets and raffle. Solar Lights Plus is collecting order donations from anyone interested in donating our products. The product(s) that you purchase for the donation will be shipped by Solar Lights Plus in your behalf with your name as the donor.  The more that we collect the bigger the fundraiser can become.

To place an order for donation, just follow these simple steps and Solar Lights Plus will do the rest:

  1. Place your order by Nov. 13, 2011. All donations will be shipping out on Nov. 14, 2011.
  2. Choose what item(s) that you want to order and add to your shopping cart.
  3. Proceed through the checkout and fill out the order form as if it would be for you (Billing info & Shipping Info)
  4. Then on the “Payment Method” page in the “Comments” box leave a comment of what item(s) you want to donate to Guiding Eyes. This way you can order items for yourself and donate items all in the same order. Then Solar Light Plus More will ship your items to you and ship your donated item(s) to Guiding Eyes without having to place more than one order. This way you could still take advantage of our 10-15% off specials and also our free item promo.  

Example: You could choose an item to buy for yourself then purchase the same item from the Special drop down box for 10% off. Then one item would be shipped to you and one item would be shipped to Guiding Eyes as your donation. Plus you would qualify and be shipped one of the items from our free item promo. Or if the order is only for donating you can specify that also.

   5. If no donation is to be made just leave the comment box blank.

You will receive an order confirmation and invoice after placing your order showing all of the details of your order and donation.

As Karlie states in her email “Any donation would be greatly appreciated”.  Your donation would be going to a great organization and cause.

Solar Lights Plus will be reporting back as to how the fundraiser turned out.

For more information on the Guiding Eyes for the Blind please visit their website at or watch this must see video below.



We thank you greatly in advance for your gracious gift.

Tammy J. - Owner

Solar Lights Plus



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